the fannish inquisition begins now

No, you hang up first.

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I think KYK & LYB in talks as 2nd leads. Jong suk and Shinhye are considering the main roles.

Either way, I hope Pinocchio confirms soon and that the writing does its magic and everyone involved slays and stupid fans pushing their tired narrative can shut the fuck up.

Filed under supernad2 pinocchio I NEED A CONFIRMATION for the next thing that ruins my life I have so much faith in in the IHYV writer guys seriously I know it's unrealistic but her emotional beats the character nuances the development the WONDERFUL FEMALE CHARACTERIZATION I need thiiiiissssss

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the roles they’re offered are different from the ones jongsuk and shinhye got. i kinda want to watch youngkwang and jongsuk in the same project again though.

yeah, went to dramabeans and had that clarified for me, then glanced through the comments, which - I forgot I wasn’t supposed to do, because it cues up a mighty eyeroll.

Filed under idol-holic I have actors I dislike definitely but they have their own fans and I have no urge to pee in anyone else's cheerios it isn't constructive criticism anymore it's a echo chamber of pettiness and projection the day I stopped being overly negative and 'sardonic' was the day I started enjoying dramas again

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#andtheyfightcrime #i blame you

Does that make me an ….accomplice to heart theft? Because these two assholes have ruined my life and I’ll never be able to eat certain baked goods ever again without laughing.

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I LOOOVE Gun’s relationship with ‘Gaedong’ and how he keeps talking to her all the time when he misses Miyoung.. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I really love the emphasis that they placed on the lost child from not just Mi Young’s side, but also Gun’s. To show that both of them were hurt, that they both missed their baby, and that they talk to the child when they are hurt — holding the baby as a precious person who simply went away early…

I loved this version SO MUCH. You guys don’t understand how passionately I love these two idiots.

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