You look like a rock star. I don’t like it. You look dangerous.

one of my students (male) on seeing my new hair

Mission accomplished. The best thing about my short hair is that I can basically wake up, run my fingers through it, spritz a little Tsubaki hair water on it, tie a scarf around it and be done. The second best thing is the red highlights/lowlights - I love having my hair change color, dependent on the lighting.



Can we please talk about the experiment who just made sandwiches throughout the entire series on Lilo & Stitch

look at him


friendly reminder that Rube had the same powers and strength as stitch, but had a higher intelligence resulting in him being able to speak perfectly….but instead of being obsessed with destroying cities…only cared about making sandwiches… 

He needs to be real so he can catsit for me and make me sandwiches.

number 45 in why I hate the tumblr app - it doesn’t support tumblr savior or xkit’s blacklist, so when I’m mobiling/on-the-going tumblr, all the crap I want to avoid still pops up when I click on the tags